Selah March

July 26, 2006


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I love that word. Sounds mildly dirty, doesn’t it? Anyway…

The discussion regarding Jan Butler’s odious letter to the editor in the August issue of the RWR on the topic of homosexual/polyamorous romance has taken a fascinating turn in the Smart Bitches comment section. The usual suspects — all far more erudite and better-informed than I — are conversing on the topic of “family” (naturally occurring and otherwise) and how Romance (with a capital ‘R’) has upheld it as a microcosm of society in the past, and whether it will grow and change with the morphing definition of the family in current society. And, of course, whether poor, misguided trolls like Ms. Butler will ever wipe the primordial ooze from their eyes long enough to see the sunlight of a new day, wherein Mommy, Daddy, Junior and Little Sis aren’t necessarily the ONLY game in town.

Coincidentally, I began a new project last month. My first polyamorous romance, featuring man-on-man-on-woman lovin’, with a “family is where you find it” theme. A space-based futuristic, no less.

It’s been scaring me shitless. To the point where I’ve been wondering if I should just bag it. Go back to my cozy little monogamous hetero world. Maybe try my hand at a straight contemporary for a change.

I think maybe I owe Ms. Butler a thank you note. Whether she knows it or not, her twisted little diatribe (Equating homosexuality with pedophilia? REALLY? I mean… seriously???) against us “fringe element” types was just the kick in the ass I needed. She’s challenged me to spit in the face of my own personal boogeyman — fear of the unknown.

Onward and upward.

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