Selah March

September 23, 2006

He don’t know DICK.

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Wow. HUGE blow-out over on the All About Romance “At The Back Fence” board. Seems a male poster of long and varied history with the site made some disparaging moral judgments about Fat Girlz. Or Fat People, to be more precise.

Now, I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of the AAR boards, though I like their reviews. But too many of the folks who post there tend to be a bit on the…hmm…come on, you can find a polite term for this if you really try, Selah…

Conservative. Yes, I’ll go with “conservative” versus what immediately popped into my mind, which was “tight-assed sticks-in-the-mud.” Because I’m just THAT POLITE.

ANYWAY…I’ve been reading there for a few years, on and off, and have taken a sincere dislike to one poster in particular. It turns out, he’s the one who began the battle by shooting off his mouth on the topic of “fat as a moral issue.” Quoted Dante’s “Inferno” and everything…but he’s an English teacher and does have a tendency to like to strut his stuff for the unwashed masses.

In the past, he’s been equally offensive on the topics of the proper place of women in society and relationships as dictated by biology, and how Gay Romance can’t really be Romance at all. An equal-opportunity bigot, he’s now taken on fat folks. And all of it in this supercilious, uber-arrogant tone of “I’m clearly better educated than all of you cute, fuzzy little Romance-reading women put together.”

His name? Dick.

No. Really. I couldn’t make this shit up on my BEST day.

Well, Dick got his dick knocked in the dirt by a whole tour-bus full of folks who’ve had about enough of hearing how their weight problems are all in their heads and/or moral characters, and if they’d simply exhibit a little self-DISCIPLINE, dammit…

And Dick has apparently left the field of battle. Supposedly forever.

Which means I might actually visit the AAR boards a little more often.

S’all good. 🙂 – Romance of Dubious Virtue

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