Selah March

January 24, 2007

Of iMacs and Reader Mail and Right Buggery Bastards

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I’ve been lured to the Dark Side. Yes, it’s true. A week ago today, I began the big switcheroo from my PC (a Dell that’s seen better days to the tune of a twenty-minute reboot) to an iMac.

I won’t lie — I resisted at first. Fear of the unknown is a right buggery bastard, oh yes it is. And for about fifteen hours — whilst the cable company and Apple argued with me and each other over whom was to blame for my sudden inability to connect to the Internet — my every darkest terror was vindicated. ‘Twas an agonized period, filled with tooth-gnashing and tearful recriminations.

And then some guy at the cable company flipped a switch or turned a dial and I was connected and I haven’t looked back since.

Adjustments will need to be made, of course. For example, in the very near future my website will have to be moved and redesigned because the proprietary design software owned by the hosting company doesn’t run on a Mac. I call that shortsighted on their part, but whatcha gonna do? And to my amazement, Blogger and Safari are not perfectly compatible in that I can’t create links or mess with the size or color of my type — hence the teeny whiteness of these words. So I’ll likely have to switch over to Typepad or some such in the next month or two. Sucks.

But frankly, the ZERO-minute reboot time on this baby makes up for the eventual inconvenience of a website overhaul. Not to mention the fact that it never freezes when I try to do too many things at once. Never even slows down. It’s like a really good lover — one who can multi-task in bed. There’s nothing like a guy who knows how to use his hands and mouth at the same…

All right, that’s enough of that.

In other news, HER BLACK LITTLE HEART is the Book of the Week over at the Amber Heat division of Amber Quill Press, which is nice. And which I’d link to, but…no link capability. So I’ll trust you to find your own way.*

Lastly, I got the most amazing letter from a reader the other day. She praised my “gritty” stories, and my heroines who seem like real, flawed women. Her letter gave me hope that there is room for me and my “different” kind of work within the world of Romance fiction. Thanks, B. 🙂

*My bestest girl Barb Ferrer explained the marvel of Firefox, and now I’m all better. Yay! Screw you, PC-to-Mac learning curve! – Romance of Dubious Virtue

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