Selah March

October 2, 2007

Dorito crumbs, queer romance on the side: ORDER UP!

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My brilliant and always fabulously stylish crit partner, Barbara Caridad Ferrer, has a column up at Romancing the Blog about how it’s the little things that keep us sane.

Mostly, it’s the little things that drive me batty — and if one more person leaves Dorito crumbs on my pillow, he or she will find themselves in a UNIVERSE of hurt — but I appreciate the sentiment, and the fan letter she quotes is a thing of beauty.

In other news, Romantic Times has reviewed Suz Brockmann’s latest (ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT) which features an M/M relationship, thereby breaking their policy of not reviewing queer romance. Instead of going with my knee-jerk reaction — Hey, Hypocrites ‘R’ Us! What happened to “M/M romance is to romantic fiction as Yoga is to NASCAR”??? — I’ve decided to take it as a sign of good things to come. MAYBE if they don’t get a thousand angry letters, and MAYBE if not too many people cancel their subscriptions, and MAYBE if they get a bunch of messages saying “Hey, that was cool, why don’t you review more M/M romance?” (that’s a hint, btw) they will change their general policy in the near future.

It’s not like I don’t understand how the publisher is under pressure to cave to the belligerent homophobes — I do. And I sympathize to the degree that RT will continue to get my business in the form of a subscription, ad revenue, and convention fees. But bravery in the face of ignorant bigotry would earn them my undying love and respect, as well.

For anyone interested, I’ll be at PhazeChatters tomorrow for an all-day fiesta with several other authors. Contests, prizes, filthy excerpts, much giggly banter filled with double-entendre and innuendo. You know — the usual drill. – Romance of Dubious Virtue

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