Selah March

October 27, 2007

Don’t be a Halloweenie. Enter the contest.

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My clever and adorable crit partner, Eva Gale, and I have decided to run a little contest in celebration of the holiday. Winners will receive that best treat of all – FREE BOOKS.

Da Rulez:

1. Use the links in my blogroll (to the right) to collect the following:

* The title of Laura Bacchi’s AmberAllure release, listed on the right sidebar of her blog.

*The title of Eden Bradley’s latest release, the cover of which can be found near the top of her blog page.

*The title of Caridad Ferrer’s latest release, featured prominently on her blog.

*The title of Annie Dean/Ann Aguirre’s upcoming release, available for pre-order at Amazon.

*The title of Meljean Brook’s upcoming release, coming in February 2008.

*The exact number of children Eva Gale has spawned in her short but busy lifetime.

2. Comment at each of these 6 blogs. Tell the author Selah sent you, and wish her a happy Halloween.

3. Send the answers to me at

4. Go to Eva’s blog and check out HER contest. More free books, more chances to win.

The first five folks who provide a correct list AND comment at the authors’ blogs will receive their choice of two (2) ebooks from my back-list.

Here is said back-list for your perusal.

“Moondance”– erotic horror
To Have and Have Not”– erotic urban fantasy/romance
Fortune’s Fool (including my novella “Flesh and Bone”) – erotic paranormal romance
Phaze Fantasies III (including my novella “Hardcore”) – erotic M/M paranormal suspense/romance
“Her Black Little Heart” – erotic Regency romance
“Lie To Me” – erotic romantic suspense
“Dirty Shame” – erotic romantic suspense
“Skin Deep” – erotic romantic suspense

For those of you who already own my entire back-list (and you know who you are) I’ll be thrilled to my black-lacquered toes to provide you with a voucher to receive 2 free ebooks of your choice at a later date.

Finally, one GRAND PRIZE WINNER out of the five initial winners, whose name will be chosen at random from the depths of my Witchypoo hat by one of my spawn, will also receive a copy of my print release, SIN STREET.

Contest begins now. Contest ends midnight Thursday morning, November 1 (EDT). Prizes will be sent shortly thereafter. – Romance of Dubious Virtue

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  1. Hi Selah, that was fun. Have a great day.

    Comment by Cathy — October 29, 2007 @ 12:49 pm | Reply

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