Selah March

June 1, 2008

Release day!

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The journey from initial concept to publication for “There Came A Killing Frost” was a relatively long one, at least for me–four full years. I had the idea for a story about a time-traveling assassin and his Latina lover way back in the summer of 2004. Back then, the story was set in the distant future, on a forgotten island in the Caribbean where the inhabitants had gone back to the “old ways,” circa 1850…except for the spaceport the government maintained to facilitate trading, which brought all manner of interesting visitors. 

I may still write that story someday, but I’m pretty fond of how “Killing Frost” transformed itself from its first form into a tale of redemption for a reluctant time-traveler and a defiant whore. I hope you like it as well.


Time-traveler. Cowboy. Assassin. Kit Frost has been all three, and more, but he’s never stooped to slave running, and he doesn’t intend to start now. So he announces when he arrives in a brothel to collect his cargo, only to be handed the drugged body of beautiful Lourdes Carterro. 

But Lourdes isn’t a slave. She’s a trained sexual submissive in thrall to a wealthy and powerful man. Her escape attempt may have failed, but she isn’t so submissive that she’s ready to give up. She’ll use her skills to lull Kit, to make him think she’s weak and easily controlled, and then she’ll find her way to freedom. 

Before long, Kit’s worn leather belt has strapped Lourdes to the bed, and she’s begging for his rough touch. But Kit finds new ways to torture her with pleasure, and soon she wonders…can she run away if running away means leaving Kit behind? 

~ ~ ~

Don’t forget to check out the contest I’m running to win a free ARC of “There Came A Killing Frost.”

Also, today begins the scavenger hunt hosted by Rainbow Reviews. Enter to win free books and goodie bags!


  1. “Old ways” as in …er…primitive?

    I could definately help with that research. *g* Got tons of notes on the Arawaks and Caribs and what not.

    For a guy named Frost, that’s one hot Cowboy. Am I right in thinking he’s real good with that whip-er-belt? The description alone makes my mouth water.

    Comment by Soleil Noir — June 2, 2008 @ 12:56 am | Reply

  2. Yeah, I’d love some help with that research. I’ll let you know when the story becomes more than a dream and an outline on my hard drive. 🙂

    Comment by Selah March — June 3, 2008 @ 8:52 am | Reply

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