Selah March

June 16, 2008

Searching out the scary.

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Has anybody else been watching the NBC summer series FEAR ITSELF? (And could that website be any more user unfriendly? I think not.)

My current WIP (working title: WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT) is an erotic ghost story — yeah, it’s a stretch — for the upcoming Amber Allure “Haunted” collection that’s coming out at Halloween. In an attempt to work myself into a properly creeptastic frame of mind, I’m watching and reading a fair amount of horror, including the above-mentioned series.

Of the two episodes aired so far, I much prefer the first, titled “The Sacrifice.” While the story itself isn’t terribly original (being basically a rip-off of the 1996 Robert Rodriguez directed, George Clooney/Quentin Tarantino/Harvey Keitel/Juliette Lewis/Salma Hayek/Cheech Marin stone-killers-meet-badass- bloodsuckers-in-the-Mexican desert romp, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN*, with a tip of the hat to the ending of the 2004 remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD) the production values were strong, the acting was engaging, and the script didn’t suck.

The second episode, titled “Spooked,” didn’t move me. Maybe it’s my instinctive dislike of both leads, actors Eric Roberts and Cynthia Watros. (Roberts has always screamed “slimy loser” to me, no matter what role he plays, and I’ve disliked Watros’s overly-mannered acting style since she was breaking hearts and wrecking homes on my mother’s favorite soap opera some fifteen years ago.) Plus the script lacked a little sumpin’-sumpin’ in the logical sense-making department.

I’ll be interested to see if this week’s ep rises above the rather easy and obvious comparison to the 1997 Travolta/Cage flick, FACE/OFF.

Over the weekend, I saw M. Night Shyalaman’s THE HAPPENING.

Meh. A few tense moments, but nothing major, as I knew Shyalaman wouldn’t go so far as to kill off a child, R rating notwithstanding. Betty Buckley rocked the house, as usual — the only truly scary element of the entire enterprise. Sadly, she’s onscreen barely ten minutes total.

I’ve read my way through Shirley Jackson, Richard Matheson and the best of Uncle Stevie, and am now working on a few authors who are new to me. I’m finding it tough to maintain the creepy mindset in the face of all this unrelenting summertime, however. It’s like trying to write a Christmas story at Halloween.

And…there goes the storm siren again. Never in the history of EVER have I seen so many severe storm warnings and tornado watches so early in the season. Weird. And a little scary. Maybe that’s where I should find my inspiration?

Non-sequitur alert: I’ve got an interview and a recipe up on the June Red Sage Newsletter. (Molasses cookies…mmm. Consider checking it out for the sugar rush alone? Or not.)

*I own four copies of this movie: one VHS and three DVD, including the director’s cut and a “making of” documentary called FULL TILT BOOGIE. And although I’m sure my brilliant and ever-stylish crit partner will call me out as a liar, it’s not just for the salty Clooney goodness. It’s one hell of a funny flick. I never understood why it didn’t do well with the critics until I realized they saw Tarantino and Keitel and assumed “artsy, uber-violent thriller” and got the blackest comedy with the most cheesy special effects you’ve ever seen instead.

Oh well. Their loss.

Time to consider moving to the basement. Again.

ETA: Holy hairballs, Batman! The cat has a blog!


  1. What day and time is that show on? Sounds like a nice replacement for the much missed Supernatural. Please call me! Love ya!


    Comment by Ally — June 16, 2008 @ 6:10 pm | Reply

  2. We have no sirens. Clearly no one cares if we, in the Keys, live or die. Suits me fine.

    H P Lovecraft

    If you want to really get into the writings that inspired the genre you have to read H P Lovecraft.

    Stories like Cool Air

    Comment by FerfeLaBat — June 16, 2008 @ 10:40 pm | Reply

  3. OK It ate my post – links not allowed?

    Comment by FerfeLaBat — June 16, 2008 @ 10:41 pm | Reply

  4. *snort* What a coinkydink. My WIP is a whole lotta “whisky tango foxtrot,” too. With barbecue sauce.

    Have you tried Robert McCammon? (If he’s even still in print. The guy dropped off the face of the earth.) My memory’s a little rusty about book details, but I glommed onto him hard back when I was gobbling up King and Koontz wasn’t so emo.

    Comment by Kerry Allen — June 17, 2008 @ 5:15 am | Reply

  5. I’m not gonna call you a liar. The mere fact that you think I would is enough for me. *bats eyelashes ever-so-innocently*

    And I never heard a tornado siren in my life until we moved to Ohio. Even though I grew up in Florida.

    It’s one of the rare reasons I’m glad we moved back to Florida. I was getting damned sick and tired of those freakin’ sirens.

    Comment by Barb Ferrer — June 17, 2008 @ 12:02 pm | Reply

  6. Must buy From Dusk Till Dawn. I love Keitel. And Clooney. And and and… yum.

    Comment by evagale — June 17, 2008 @ 1:08 pm | Reply

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