Selah March

July 21, 2008


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I’m still hip-deep in an overdue novella (apologies to my lovely, patient, kind, and insightful editor if she happens to be reading this) but here’s a short list of interesting things I’ve found while surfing when I should’ve been writing:

PBW’s “Left Behind and Loving It” workshop schedule for next week’s non-RWA attendees.

The start of a good romantic suspense novel…except it’s real, and holy shit, those poor women.

For Jeebus’ sake, DON’T hold a child in your lap while on a riding lawnmower. I mention this because as I was driving back from the post office today, I saw not one…not two…but THREE instances of adults cutting grass with toddlers on their laps. TODDLERS. Squirmy, unpredictable, prone-to-impulsivity little bundles of “Oh, look, shiny!” whom you’re holding onto with ONE HAND while operating the motorized vehicle with the SHARP ENOUGH TO DICE AND SLICE BLADES with the other. Read the statistics in the above link, and when you tell yourself it could never happen to you because you’re so damned careful, know that thousands of well-intentioned folks told themselves the same thing when they gave in to Junior’s whining and told him to hop aboard. Now Junior won’t be hopping anywhere, because he’s missing both his feet FROM THE KNEE DOWN.

Whew. Got a little worked up there. All better now.

Finally, I’ve got a guest-blog over at Slash and Burn on GAY COWBOYS IN THE POST-BROKEBACK AGE.

Here’s where I usually put that quippy final line, but I’m fresh out of “quippy” today. Running pretty low on “clever” and “cute,” too. Mere sarcasm? Got LOADS of that, but I’ve been told (repeatedly) that it’s totally five minutes ago, and I just don’t have the energy to defend my vintage sensibilities at the moment.

But y’all have yourselves a good week anyway, bless your hearts. šŸ˜‰

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  1. I can’t click the lawnmower link. Too skeert. My Dad saw a kid killed that way and we were never allowed outside to play while he was moving the lawn.

    Comment by evagale — July 21, 2008 @ 3:39 pm | Reply

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