Selah March

July 31, 2008

Drive-by shameless self-promo.

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~Romance Junkies does WILD HORSES:

WILD HORSES is the follow up to SEVEN YEAR ACHE. I loved this story because while you still get to visit the beloved characters from SEVEN YEAR ACHE there are new memorable characters introduced with heartbreaking backgrounds which bring tears to your eyes. Kris struck me as a fun loving singer down on his luck. He doesn’t follow the rules and takes risks that most people would have shied away from. Blake’s grief and loneliness is evident throughout the story. He takes his friend’s death personally and his friends don’t seem to know how to handle him or what he needs. Selah March satisfies our need to know more about what happened with Jamie, Rafe and Lilah and still capture the intensity of the growing love between Kris and Blake. Add in several frat boys who don’t know how to behave themselves and things are bound to get real interesting very quickly.

While WILD HORSES can be read as a stand-alone story, I’d recommend reading SEVEN YEAR ACHE as well so that you’ll have a better understanding of what happened with Jamie, Rafe and Lilah.” ~Chrissy Dionne for Romance Junkies

* * *

~Rainbow Reviews does it, too.

“[WILD HORSES is a] …welcome sequel/spin off to Selah March’s SEVEN YEAR ACHE. We get to catch up with the turbulent lives of JT and Rafe, but the main focus is on Kris and Blake, an unlikely pairing if ever there was one.

At first things don’t go well for the two and I wanted to reach into the screen and bang their heads together. Even when they start talking and, uh, other things, they’re still not out of the woods, and the desire to bang their heads returns.

The characters don’t live neat cookie-cutter lives. They have real issues and don’t always resolve them comfortably. The gritty reality of the story is one of its greatest strengths. Along with the romance of course.” ~British Bulldog for Rainbow Reviews


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    Congrats woman !

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