Selah March

October 9, 2008

Return of The LOSER.

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I fail at life. And certainly at blogging. But at least I’m woman enough to admit it, right?


Couple things:

THERE CAME A KILLING FROST is Joyfully Recommended:

THERE CAME A KILLING FROST was so enjoyable that I didn’t want to put it down.  Kit and Lourdes were amazing together, sheer electricity and dynamite.  Ms. March has done a great job in rounding them out by developing these characters with credible intensity.  I can tell this author has feelings for the people and world she’s created.  Kit’s character made me fall in love with cowboys again.  I stopped gravitating towards westerns unless they’re the old school spaghetti films.  Placing the old west into the future with Kit and Lourdes, adds freshness.

Lourdes is tough and unspoiled despite her sordid life.  She’s a realist and I appreciate what she’s willing to sacrifice for Kit, and vice versa.  I was glad that they got to fly off into the sunset together.

I Joyfully Recommend THERE CAME A KILLING FROST for its strong visual writing and sharp dialogue.  The sex scenes burn hotter than a furnace, the villains would fit right in with Lee Van Cleef, and no one would remember Clint Eastwood after taking a turn with Kit Frost.” ~Patrice for Joyfully Reviewed (Link to full review.)

Also, cover art for upcoming Halloween release, WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT:

Contemporary erotic paranormal romance (M/M).

Just in time for Halloween, the story of a reluctant psychic and a ghostbuster with attitude trapped in a house of horrors… Leo Delacroix regrets the day he discovered his psychic talents. Being called on to find missing loved ones and rid houses of angry spirits is messy, exhausting work. But he knows it would be wrong to turn away from his gifts when he’s helping so many people.

Tommy Mulvaney knows something about regret, too. He regrets not being there to save his sister, Missy, the night she was pushed from a balcony by unseen hands. He regrets Missy’s anger and frustration at being out of commission and unable to run the family paranormal investigation business. Mostly, he regrets that it’s Missy in the wheelchair and not him.

When Leo and Tommy meet at Nil-Chance, a house with a dark and sordid history, they find the attraction between them to be undeniable. But before they can explore their feelings for each other, they must defeat whatever haunts Nil-Chance…or die trying.

Available October 26 from Amber Allure.

Excerpt coming soon.

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  1. Awesome on both counts — I’ll get a post up on my site 🙂 (heh…even if you do have my URL wrong on your blogroll ;-))

    Comment by ann — October 10, 2008 @ 10:59 pm | Reply

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