Selah March

May 20, 2009

Gooooooood morning, Viet Nam!!!!

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Yeah, I don’t know either. It’s that kind of day, and it’s not even 9AM yet. The kind of day that starts with a bang and ends with a fifth of Cuervo…except it’s Wednesday, which means homework, piano lessons and gymnastics, with possibly a trip to the lake if the weather holds, and a full, three course dinner for the five us plus clean-up, so the Cuervo really can’t happen till well after nine, and by then…seriously, what’s the point? I can face-plant on the bed just as easily if I skip it and wake up tomorrow without my head aching and my mouth tasting like the wrong end of my beagle’s tail.


I’ve been baaaaaad blogger. I know this. And I have no defense, nor anything interesting to say, so I’ll just link to my shiny new interview at Reviews by Jessewave and call it a day, ’k?

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