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February 10, 2009

Help. There’s a piano in my kitchen and I can’t get up.

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Let me ‘splain.

No, there is too much.

Let me sum up.

It’s not a large kitchen. Not for a family of five. Which makes sense, as it’s in the middle of a rather small house – too small to easily accommodate even relatively slight renovations like the refinishing of floors and the painting of rooms while said family is in residence.

And yet…

The piano? It doesn’t fit in any room that isn’t currently undergoing renovation. Except, of course, the kitchen. Which is also the only room where there is currently any seating. And the room where the dogs live. And the room where the kids do their homework, and my husband does charting late into the night.


It gives a whole new perspective on how the pioneers lived, which is to say ON TOP OF EACH OTHER.

Me? I like my solitude. Over the past ten days, when I’m not struggling to put a meal on the covered-with-sawdust table or fighting for three square feet around the sink to wash dishes, I’ve been locked in my bedroom – and sometimes my van – trying to write.


Another week and it’s all over. No more floor-sanders or paint fumes or workmen in their BIG, LOUD BOOTS. The piano returns to its rightful place of honor in the space that once was a dining room and is now a family room-slash-office. No more hot dogs served in the master bedroom because the kitchen table is unusable. No more drinking straight from the two-liter bottle of Coke Zero so I have fewer dishes to wash.

So to everyone whose emails and phone messages I’ve read and heard but didn’t have time to answer, and all my crit partners whose work I’ve neglected in the midst of my season in Renovation Hell, I apologize, and plead extenuating circumstances (several of which I haven’t mentioned here). I’ll get with you shortly and spill all the horrific details.

That’s not a promise. More of a threat, in fact.

In the meantime, YEAR OF THE CAT made Amber Allure’s Top Ten Bestseller list for January, and garnered a couple of really nice reviews.

4 Stars from Rainbow Reviews: “Year of the Cat is the tale of Etienne and Jacques, their adventures, and is, in the end, a tale of love and redemption. Full of densely woven images, [Year of the Cat] does not disappoint.” ~Carole, Rainbow Reviews

4.5 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs: “Selah March writes of love, betrayal, forgiveness and personal-growth in Year of the Cat. Etienne has lived in his books and has no ‘street smarts’. Jacques has lived, done what he must to survive and has no qualms taking necessary risks. From the moment they met, Jacques felt something for the younger man that he wasn’t ready to identify. There were moments where I wanted to hit Jacques with a skillet, but I had to remember this was Etienne’s adventure; his time to learn and grow. There were hard lessons and sacrifices made by both men, but love is a powerful tool. This is definitely a story you don’t want to miss.” ~Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

Also, WILD HORSES is now available at Fictionwise.


One week. I hear that’s a century in piano-in-the-kitchen years.

January 25, 2009

Release day!

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Genre: homoerotic romance/historical fantasy/shapeshifter/BDSM/fairy tale

Publisher: Amber Allure/Amber Quill Press

Purchase link:

Sweet-natured Etienne LeFevre must give up his birthright and flee into the snow-covered forest to save himself from the murderous greed of his brutish elder brothers. When Etienne ends up alone and hungry, with a ramshackle cottage his only shelter and a feral cat his only friend, he believes himself doomed to a sad, cold death.

But out of the shadows of the night arrives a visitor who brings comfort. He presents himself as a servant, but the man called “Jacques” spends the long hours instructing Etienne in the cruel delights of a disciplined passion.

Jacques is gone with the morning light, but Etienne thinks he knows the stranger’s secret. Will he tame the beast that lurks within his lover? Or will he find himself a victim of the bitter rage that rules Jacques’ heart?

Based on the classic French fairy tale, “Puss In Boots,” this story explores what happens when the servant becomes the master, and the master lives to serve.

* * *


Etienne struggled to find his voice. “I know nothing of passion. I am…untouched.”

Jacques’ lips quirked in a sinister smile. “So sweet, like spun sugar. I fear you’ll rot my very teeth.”

The kiss Jacques pressed upon Etienne’s mouth tasted of salt and iron, and awakened in Etienne a delirious kind of hunger. He found himself clutching at Jacques’ shoulders, tearing at the sleeves of his coat with his sore fingers. When Jacques pulled aside the collar of Etienne’s shirt and licked at the line of flesh he’d revealed, Etienne stifled a moan.

“No, mon petit, let me hear your cries,” Jacques murmured, his words setting a heated buzz against Etienne’s skin. “Let me lap them from the hollow of your throat.”

Etienne fought, at war with his traitorous body. “Monsieur, please, I do not—”

“Hush,” Jacques whispered and caught Etienne’s chin in his hand. The pupils of his eyes had taken on a strange, slitted appearance as he gazed into Etienne’s face. “You’ll only tire yourself, and gain nothing for the effort.”

“But you said you wished to be my servant in all things, monsieur. Yet you would take me without my consent?”

“I would coax your consent from its hiding-place and make it sing out like the bells of Notre Dame on Christmas morning.”

His words sounded like nothing less than the simple truth. Etienne stilled himself against the hard cottage floor, his body not entirely limp with submission.

November 10, 2008

Color me squee-ful!

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My first 5-star review from Rainbow Reviews!

“Despite the unfortunate title [yeah, my sense of humor is an acquired taste, I get that ~SM], this is a first rate paranormal adventure! The story is somewhat reminiscent of “The Haunting” a terrifying haunted house movie from the early 60s, not the less than stellar remake from the 90s! [Actually, it was inspired by Shirley Jackson’s book, THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE (see here) upon which “The Haunting” was based, and maybe a little by Richard Matheson’s HELL HOUSE ~SM] However, as far as inspirational material for a scary story, you can’t do much better than “The Haunting” [agreed ~SM].

As in that story, there are five people sent to a house that is reputed to be haunted – one who believes that the house desires to keep them forever. Also, similar to “The Haunting,” there is relatively no blood; the terror is almost, but not quite all psychological – whispered words inside their heads, remembrances and impressions of terrible deeds.

So, whether “The Haunting” inspired it or not, this is a well-written, scary story peopled with great characters. A favorite was Leo, a gay psychic from New Orleans who is described as six-foot-three, two hundred twenty pounds, and “built like a Calvin Klein model crossed with a starting forward for the Celtics.” With a southern accent, good looks and an occasional stutter when he speaks, Leo is irresistible. [What? No love for Tommy, the bad-boy ghostbuster from South Boston? *sigh* Better luck next time, dude. ~SM]

The plot is wonderful. The events happen fast and furious; it really kept my interest. Within moments of entering the house, things start occurring and hardly let up until the last page. Things are never what they seem and that kept me engaged and guessing [I love it when a plan comes together. ~SM].

This is a great roller-coaster ride – a scary haunted house, some hot sex, and surprises around every corner. I highly recommend this story!” ~Matthew, Rainbow Reviews

Thank you, Matthew, wherever you are!

October 29, 2008

Sexy horror. No. Really.

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Today I’m talking about achieving the balance between romance and horror over at the Amber Quill Authors’ blog.

Tomorrow I’ll post a few photos of Halloween prep at the March household. Every year I say “I’m gonna start early, avoid that ghoulish last-minute rush.” Every year, I fail. This year is no exception, though I do have the excuse of truly crappy weather getting in the way of outdoor decoration. Seriously. Snow and freezing rain in October? SERIOUSLY.

In the meantime, here are some pics of our yard from last week, when the days were still crisp and dry, and the leaves hadn’t yet leapt to their deaths.

Posted especially for my brilliant and ever-stylish crit partner, Barb Ferrer, because I know she misses fall in the northeast.

October 27, 2008

Dirty excerpt? Must be Monday.

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Brand-spanking new release: WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT.

Well…not so much with the SPANKING, per se. Not in this one. The NEXT one, though…yeah. Big with the consensual spanking. HUGE.


TITLE: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
AUTHOR: Selah March
PUBLISHER: AmberAllure/Amber Quill Press
GENRE: Homoerotic Paranormal Romance/Horror (M/M)

Leo Delacroix considers his psychic gifts a burden till he meets Tommy Mulvaney, a sexy ghostbuster with serious attitude. Now Leo and Tommy are trapped in a house of horrors, facing down an ancient evil. With Tommy’s help, Leo can win this battle. But at what cost?


Leo laughed again, gravel-rough and rumbling. The buzz against Tommy’s skin made him shiver like a struck tuning fork, which in turn made him pull away and fight for equilibrium. He was Tommy Mulvaney, for Christ’s sake — the guy one of Missy’s girlhood friends had called “the biggest slut north of the equator.” He’d spent his twenties honing his technique on all the available men and half the women in South Boston, and he’d be damned of he’d let some psychic brainiac get the better of him, no matter how good he looked or how well he kissed.

Leo grinned down at him as if he knew exactly what Tommy was thinking and it amused him to no end. “Let me guess — you want to know how a geek like me learned to seduce a guy like you, right?”

Shit. Really gotta work on the poker face.

“I told you to quit reading my mind.” Tommy looked away and tried to scowl. He was pretty sure he failed spectacularly, mostly because of the way Leo’s hips rolled against his, slow and inevitable as the tide.

“And I told you I’m half Cajun. Seduction’s bred in the blood, cher.” The sudden deepening of Leo’s bayou accent made him sound older and a lot more sure of himself. Plus…

The stammer’s gone again.

Tommy snapped his gaze back to Leo’s face.

But Leo’s expression was open and guileless. When he kissed Tommy once more, there was nothing but sweet heat and the nag of Tommy’s conscience reminding him what an irresponsible fuck-up he was to let this happen.

“You all right?” Leo asked, his lips moving along Tommy’s jaw. And yes, Tommy was all right. Tommy was better than all right — he was was fan-fucking-tastic — but that didn’t change how out of control this was getting, or how it needed to stop. Like, yesterday. Yet every time he tried to speak, Leo shut him up with a hard little bite to his bottom lip.

“Leo,” he tried to say, and it came out like the dirtiest groan this side of a porno flick. Not exactly the discouraging note he was going for. He needed to pull his shit together and–

“Shh.” Leo’s hands came up to cradle Tommy’s face, like he was something precious. “You think too much.”

Tommy would never admit it — not on pain of death — but it was the tenderness in Leo’s touch that undid him. Nobody touched him like that. He guessed maybe he didn’t invite tenderness or care. And that was fine, since he had no need for either.

So why, when Leo smoothed his hands down over Tommy’s shoulders, did Tommy feel something in his chest crack open and give way? He heard himself make some stupid, girly noise. Then Leo pulled him closer, trapping Tommy’s cock between them and turning the discomfort of his arousal into a sharp ache of need.

Leo bent and whispered, his breath like a jet of steam against Tommy’s ear and neck. “I know you’re used to being in control. You want me to back off?”

There it was — Tommy’s chance to put an end to this stupidity.

Instead, he rocked his hips forward. Every nerve ending in his lower body lit up like the fourth of July and Christmas combined. Through his own jeans and Leo’s chinos he felt the hard line of Leo’s cock and wanted it — against him, inside him, it didn’t much matter, so long as it involved skin-to-skin contact and some relief from the arousal that lay over his skin like a thick fog.

Leo grabbed Tommy by the shoulders and spun him till Tommy found himself with his palms flat on the surface of the table, pushing back against Leo’s weight. When Tommy conjured up the ability to speak, his voice sounded weak and shaky in his own ears. “I don’t know what you’ve got in mind, but we can’t…” He stopped and cleared his throat. “I mean, maybe you’re a boy scout with the condoms and lube in your pocket but–“

Leo cut him off with a thrust of his hips. “Don’t be an idiot.”

He fumbled with Tommy’s button and fly, laughing when he discovered Tommy was going commando. “Do you even own proper underwear?”

“Depends on what you mean by proper.”

Without further discussion, Leo spit into his palm and shoved his way inside with a hand that felt like it had been crafted to fit around Tommy’s cock. Tommy bit the inside of his cheek and arched his back, which made his jeans fall off his hips and halfway to his knees.

Shouldn’t feel this good. Gonna be over way too soon.

But the fear of humiliating himself by coming in thirty seconds flat wasn’t enough to keep Tommy from bucking his hips in a silent plea for friction, or grunting an obscenity when Leo complied with a long stroke just this side of too rough — exactly how Tommy loved it. Naturally. The ginormous geek was reading his mind again.


Leo snorted against the back of his neck. “Thought you said that was off the menu,” he said, and proceeded to jerk Tommy off like he had a patent on the process.

October 9, 2008

Return of The LOSER.

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I fail at life. And certainly at blogging. But at least I’m woman enough to admit it, right?


Couple things:

THERE CAME A KILLING FROST is Joyfully Recommended:

THERE CAME A KILLING FROST was so enjoyable that I didn’t want to put it down.  Kit and Lourdes were amazing together, sheer electricity and dynamite.  Ms. March has done a great job in rounding them out by developing these characters with credible intensity.  I can tell this author has feelings for the people and world she’s created.  Kit’s character made me fall in love with cowboys again.  I stopped gravitating towards westerns unless they’re the old school spaghetti films.  Placing the old west into the future with Kit and Lourdes, adds freshness.

Lourdes is tough and unspoiled despite her sordid life.  She’s a realist and I appreciate what she’s willing to sacrifice for Kit, and vice versa.  I was glad that they got to fly off into the sunset together.

I Joyfully Recommend THERE CAME A KILLING FROST for its strong visual writing and sharp dialogue.  The sex scenes burn hotter than a furnace, the villains would fit right in with Lee Van Cleef, and no one would remember Clint Eastwood after taking a turn with Kit Frost.” ~Patrice for Joyfully Reviewed (Link to full review.)

Also, cover art for upcoming Halloween release, WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT:

Contemporary erotic paranormal romance (M/M).

Just in time for Halloween, the story of a reluctant psychic and a ghostbuster with attitude trapped in a house of horrors… Leo Delacroix regrets the day he discovered his psychic talents. Being called on to find missing loved ones and rid houses of angry spirits is messy, exhausting work. But he knows it would be wrong to turn away from his gifts when he’s helping so many people.

Tommy Mulvaney knows something about regret, too. He regrets not being there to save his sister, Missy, the night she was pushed from a balcony by unseen hands. He regrets Missy’s anger and frustration at being out of commission and unable to run the family paranormal investigation business. Mostly, he regrets that it’s Missy in the wheelchair and not him.

When Leo and Tommy meet at Nil-Chance, a house with a dark and sordid history, they find the attraction between them to be undeniable. But before they can explore their feelings for each other, they must defeat whatever haunts Nil-Chance…or die trying.

Available October 26 from Amber Allure.

Excerpt coming soon.

July 21, 2008


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I’m still hip-deep in an overdue novella (apologies to my lovely, patient, kind, and insightful editor if she happens to be reading this) but here’s a short list of interesting things I’ve found while surfing when I should’ve been writing:

PBW’s “Left Behind and Loving It” workshop schedule for next week’s non-RWA attendees.

The start of a good romantic suspense novel…except it’s real, and holy shit, those poor women.

For Jeebus’ sake, DON’T hold a child in your lap while on a riding lawnmower. I mention this because as I was driving back from the post office today, I saw not one…not two…but THREE instances of adults cutting grass with toddlers on their laps. TODDLERS. Squirmy, unpredictable, prone-to-impulsivity little bundles of “Oh, look, shiny!” whom you’re holding onto with ONE HAND while operating the motorized vehicle with the SHARP ENOUGH TO DICE AND SLICE BLADES with the other. Read the statistics in the above link, and when you tell yourself it could never happen to you because you’re so damned careful, know that thousands of well-intentioned folks told themselves the same thing when they gave in to Junior’s whining and told him to hop aboard. Now Junior won’t be hopping anywhere, because he’s missing both his feet FROM THE KNEE DOWN.

Whew. Got a little worked up there. All better now.

Finally, I’ve got a guest-blog over at Slash and Burn on GAY COWBOYS IN THE POST-BROKEBACK AGE.

Here’s where I usually put that quippy final line, but I’m fresh out of “quippy” today. Running pretty low on “clever” and “cute,” too. Mere sarcasm? Got LOADS of that, but I’ve been told (repeatedly) that it’s totally five minutes ago, and I just don’t have the energy to defend my vintage sensibilities at the moment.

But y’all have yourselves a good week anyway, bless your hearts. 😉

July 14, 2008

Random is as random does.

My BFF Eva had a bad day today, though she managed to describe it in terms that made me cry tears of mirth. Go laugh till snot runs down your face over her caffeine-related tragedy.

Barb Caridad Ferrer posted on RtB a few days ago, and I somehow missed it. She makes some good points about the dearth of good, single title contemporary romance on today’s shelves. I hardly have time to read, and my TBR pile is health-hazard unto itself, so I hadn’t noticed the lack, myself. Will take her word for it, though, because she’s brilliant and EVER-stylish.

This nice person had some interesting insights into WILD HORSES. I like it when people talk about my characters like they’re real people. Gives me warm fuzzies.

I’ve got two blogs up elsewhere — one at Red Sage Revealed about THERE CAME A KILLING FROST, and one at Amber Quill Authors’ Blog about the art and science of writing a sequel.

Got an email from a nice woman yesterday who wants to know if I’m only writing Westerns now. That would be a “no,” if anyone else is wondering. It’s just coincidence that my last three books have featured cowboys. My next Amber Allure release is a Halloween tale that takes place in upstate New York — about as far from a Western as you can get and stay in the continental US.

Finally, Jenny Crusie has this to say about flame-throwers, both in the literal and metaphorical sense:

George Carlin said, “The very existence of flame-throwers, proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, ‘You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, I’m just not close enough to get the job done.’” I think it was more, “I want to set those people over there on fire, and I don’t want to get close enough that they can retaliate.” Or maybe that’s just the flamethrowers on the internet. And speaking of them, why is it always the flamers who say to the people who protest their abuse, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”? It’s like they’re saying, “I have a right to scorch you but you don’t have the right to complain about it.” And if you leave, then they jeer because you can’t take it. “Coward.” I don’t like them but I don’t have to live with them, so they’re not a big deal. But just bleah on flamers, that’s what I say.

I have no idea who or what Jenny’s referencing here, but I’m going to pretend I do, because it gives me a happy. And while I’m at it, I’ll go her one better and ask a and mostly rhetorical question for anyone who’d care to ponder it:

If you hosted a party in your home, and one group of guests turned on another guest — or group of guests — and started calling her/him/them names, wouldn’t you consider it your job to intervene? Even if you agreed with the names being called and the insults being launched, wouldn’t you feel SOME responsibility — whether legally dictated or not — to step in and put an end to the badness?

Because the First Amendment (even if it applied in this case, which it doesn’t, because it applies to the government curtailing free speech, not a blog-owner) is not the law in my house. In my house? Everybody minds their manners, whether they’re multi-national bestselling authors slumming with masses, barely-literate “readers” who couldn’t grasp the finer points of a philosophical debate if they had velcro sewn to their fingertips, or something in between.

Like I said, rhetorical question. But I have to wonder what the host gets out of it when her guests go cannibal and eat their own. I guess it saves on the hors d’oeuvres, huh? Or the need to come up with really interesting original content.


July 13, 2008

Release day: WILD HORSES (new excerpt!)

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TITLE: WILD HORSES, sequel to the bestselling 2007 Amber Allure release, SEVEN YEAR ACHE
AUTHOR: Selah March
PUBLISHER: AmberAllure/Amber Quill Press
GENRE: Contemporary Western/Homoerotic (M/M)
Available NOW!

Two weeks on a dude ranch can only be good for what ails you, right? Unless what ails you is grief and guilt severe enough to make you attempt suicide. Still, Blake Talbot agrees to accompany his Ivy League frat brothers on a trip out west to honor the memory of their beloved friend, Charlie. Blake hopes he can find a little peace of mind under the bright Montana skies. Instead, he finds Kris Killborn, who’s the exact opposite of peaceful in every possible way.

Kris has big plans, but at the moment he’s stuck in Montana’s Flathead Valley, spending the summer working as a hired hand on the Lazy C guest ranch while he dreams of making it big in Nashville. He sure as hell has no interest in getting all tangled up with some damaged college boy from back east.

On the surface, Blake and Kris have nothing in common…unless you count a sexual chemistry that’s downright combustible. Yet underneath all that they fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Will they be able to put aside their little differences long enough to get a good look at the big picture?

Reacquaint yourself with the folks at the Lazy C. Find out how volatile best-friends-turned-lovers Rafe and Jamie are faring, check in with Aunt Cindy, and see how Lilah Montclaire finally gets her happy ending…all within the pages of WILD HORSES, the latest installment of my “Big Sky Boys” series.



“What about you?”


Blake finished folding his shirt and dropped it on the chair next to the bed where all his other clothes were piled. When he spoke, Kris could hear that Mississippi drawl coming on strong. “I said, what about you? You’re still dressed.”

Kris shrugged. “You trust me?”

Blake blinked at him. Then he smirked. “I’m here, aren’t I?”

The sudden, thick tension between them felt like the drop in air pressure that came before a storm. Like maybe the bunkhouse was about to be at the center of a very localized bit of wild weather.

Kris crossed to Blake in three quick steps, leaving no more than a couple feet between them. “I think it’s time for you to shut that smart mouth, Biloxi.”

“Is that what you think?”

“Yep. Most definitely.” Kris didn’t give him a chance to come up with another helping of sass, but backed him up till Blake’s thighs hit the edge of the mattress of the double bed across from the bunks. “I’m gonna ask you one question, and you’re gonna answer it, yes or no.”

Blake looked him straight in the eye and nodded.

“You ever been with man like you’re about to be with me?” He leaned in, already pretty sure he knew which way the wind blew, but needing to hear it all the same. “You ever been fucked?”

He waited, patient and careful, as Blake’s throat worked around whatever he was about to say. It was a loaded subject for any man. Girls were allowed to be proud of their virginity. Men…not so much.

“No.” Blake squeezed shut his eyes, then opened them and gave Kris another straight look. “No, I haven’t.”

Kris nodded. “Good enough. We’ll go slow, and you’ll let me know if–“

“I already said I trusted you.”

“So you did. I’m just tryin’ to be…” Kris sighed and shook his head, at a loss to explain his all-of-a-sudden need to take special care without letting on how much he knew of Blake’s recent history.

“A gentleman?” Blake’s mouth twisted up in a smile.

“Don’t sound so surprised, boy.” He backed off a few feet and grabbed the hem of his shirt. “Now get your ass on that bed.”


July 12, 2008

Coming tomorrow: WILD HORSES

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Contemporary Western homoerotic romance (M/M)

Sequel to the bestselling 2007 Amber Allure release, SEVEN YEAR ACHE, now available at Fictionwise.

Two weeks on a dude ranch can only be good for what ails you, right? Unless what ails you is grief and guilt severe enough to make you attempt suicide. Still, Blake Talbot agrees to accompany his Ivy League frat brothers on a trip out west to honor the memory of their beloved friend, Charlie. Blake hopes he can find a little peace of mind under the bright Montana skies. Instead, he finds Kris Killborn, who’s the exact opposite of peaceful in every possible way.

Kris has big plans, but at the moment he’s stuck in Montana’s Flathead Valley, spending the summer working as a hired hand on the Lazy C guest ranch while he dreams of making it big in Nashville. He sure as hell has no interest in getting all tangled up with some damaged college boy from back east.

On the surface, Blake and Kris have nothing in common…unless you count a sexual chemistry that’s downright combustible. Yet underneath all that they fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Will they be able to put aside their little differences long enough to get a good look at the big picture?

Reacquaint yourself with the folks at the Lazy C. Find out how volatile best-friends-turned-lovers Rafe and Jamie are faring, check in with Aunt Cindy, and see how Lilah Montclaire finally gets her happy ending…all within the pages of WILD HORSES, the latest installment of my “Big Sky Boys” series.



“I thought maybe I’d let you kiss me.”

Kris tilted his head, plainly considering the offer. “Think that’d make us even?”

“Guess it depends on the kiss.”

Kris laughed a third time — a full on chuckle that felt like chips of dry ice rushing over Blake’s skin. “It’s always the quiet ones.”

“What’s that supposed to–“

“Shut up, college boy.”

Kris kissed like he was trying to suck Blake’s soul out from behind his tonsils. Like the sun that had gone down just over two hours ago was never coming up again. Like it was the final night of the world, and the two of them were the last men standing. With his whole body, and every bit of his mouth — lips, teeth and tongue engaged in a full, tactical advance.

What little sense remained in Blake’s brain sloshed around, firing off random thoughts like “Somebody’s going to see us” and “Damn, if he kisses like this, I bet he fucks like a demon.” But maybe that was what he needed — a hard, merciless, take-no-prisoners fuck to erase the memory of what never happened between him and Charlie because Blake had been too much of a coward, and then it was too late.

Kris gripped the shoulder of his shirt and hauled him closer. “How long are you here for?”

“Two weeks.”

“That’s plenty.”

Blake pulled back and tried to catch Kris’s eye. “For what?”

“Depends. What d’you want?”

“I…don’t know.” He swallowed, suddenly ashamed at how bad he was at this — how plainly green and inexperienced. “What do you want?”

Kris grinned against the side of his neck and sent a whisper down the collar of his shirt that made Blake’s toes curl inside his boots. “I wanna fuck you so long and hard you can’t let out a breath that don’t taste like my name.”


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