Selah March

Fantasies III

An anthology of homoerotic (M/M) romance featuring Hardcore by Selah March

Available in electronic format and print

Phaze Publishing

ISBN- 798-1-59426-899-1</strong.

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Disgraced police officer and reluctant psychic empath Jess Bonham is a man with a mission – eliminate the thug that ruined his life. Student and part-time bartender Sean Carr wants no part of Jesse’s vendetta, no matter how hot he finds the ex-cop. When Jesse kidnaps Sean to use as bait, they discover the meaning of “out of the frying pan and into the fire.”


Excerpt from Hardcore:

Sean was positioned between the bed and the bathroom door when Jesse emerged, clutching a towel around his hips.

“Stop. Don’t move.”

Jesse’s eyes widened. In a way that looked almost like a reflex, a smirk curled the corner of his mouth.

Before he could say anything, Sean spoke again. “You’ll notice the safety’s off this time. You really shouldn’t’ve underestimated me, you know?”

He watched Jesse’s throat work as he swallowed. “Sean–“

“Shut up. Drop the towel and get on the bed.” It wasn’t easy to keep his voice and the gun steady at the same time. “Face down.”

Jesse’s brow crumpled in a look that screamed “confusion.” Like a swimmer pulled out too far by a riptide and unsure for the first few seconds exactly what’s happening. “What’re you planning to–“

“I said shut up. Drop the towel. Get on the bed.” Sean stepped forward and motioned with the muzzle of the .45. “Do it now.”

Jesse hesitated another second, then moved in the direction Sean indicated, to the bed on the other side of the room. Sean stayed close to him, but not too close, in case he decided to pull some tricky move out of a ninja movie.

Sean watched as he dropped the towel at the last possible second, but stopped before actually stretching out on the bed. “I don’t know what you’ve got planned, but if it’s what I think–“

“Oh, I think we’re on the same page. Down on your stomach, and grab the headboard.”

Jesse’s eyes flickered once, a glint of golden-hazel from beneath long, thick lashes. Then he did as he was told. Sean almost let himself be surprised. He never thought it would be this easy.

He pulled the handcuffs from his pocket. Now came the hard part — cuffing Jesse to the bed without fumbling the gun. Sean could hear his heart pounding in his ears. If he screwed this up…let Jesse get the better of him one more time…

Again, it turned out easier than he anticipated. Jesse lay with his head on one of the two pillows, his face turned away from Sean. There was tension in every curve and plane of his body — every muscle appeared coiled and ready to spring. But he stayed still, his hands fisted around the spindles of the headboard, knuckles white with the effort. Sean slid a cuff on one wrist, wove the second one between the headboard and the wall, and slipped it onto the other wrist. With each metallic click, Jesse’s body jerked.

Sean cleared his throat. “This bed’s pretty cheap-looking. You can probably break it if you try.” He wasn’t sure why he said it. Maybe just to have something to say.

Jesse turned his head on the pillow. Sean saw how the contours of his face matched the tortured lines of his body. He set the gun on the bedside table, and settled his hand on Jesse’s shoulder.

The transformation wasn’t immediate. It took a good ten seconds for Jesse to relax — for his brow to unknot, for the muscles in his back and ass and legs to let go of what looked like their involuntary clench. Sean watched it all, amazed at how just the single touch of his hand seemed to be enough to communicate what he intended.

Which was no kind of harm. He didn’t play that way, any more than Jesse apparently did. Not ever.

He leaned over to speak into Jesse’s ear. “I know you want this. You can pretend later that you didn’t, if it makes you feel better…but I know. I could tell the moment I met you. The second I saw you.”

Jesse made a noise — not quite a groan, not quite a sigh. Like honey poured over a bowl of gravel. It went straight to Sean’s cock, the sudden redirection of blood flow nearly knocking him sideways off the bed.

He waited and watched Jesse’s face. The older man didn’t look at him, but he nodded. Once. Quick and easy to miss, but then he lifted his gaze to meet Sean’s, and the yes was right there.

“Good,” Sean whispered, and leaned in further to kiss him. Jesse twisted his head to meet him, his lips parting easy to let him inside. It was sweet like nothing Sean had ever tasted — the flavor of Jesse giving in.


  • 4 Angels from FALLEN ANGEL REVIEWS: “As the longest story of this anthology,Hardcore’ is just that – a hardcore story about revenge, sex and dealing with the unexpected. Jesse and Sean are spellbinding and disturbing all at once, but you will have a hard time moving away from this story…FANTASIES VOLUME III is a collection of six homoerotic love stories ranging in genre from contemporary, romantic comedy, suspense, historical, fantasy and ménage, but they all contain a flavor of D/s to varying degrees… This volume offers stories long enough to satisfy while allowing you to stretch the experience over several sittings without missing anything.” (Isabella)
  • RAINBOW REVIEWS: “The plot never slows down, and the interaction between Jesse and Sean is great to watch. This is March’s first foray into gay romance and I’m impressed at her characterizations. Sex scenes were beyond hot and tastefully done, with just the right bit of kink. They were also free of trite expressions. ‘Hardcore’ is a great read and I look forward to more from the author.” (Ryes)
  • Recommended Read from JOYFULLY REVIEWED: “There’s just something hot about cops, even ex-cops. Jesse lives up to the silent and moody reputation, and the banter between Jesse and Sean makes this story so very enjoyable. My favorite quote from Jesse is ‘…he needed a better filter between his mouth and his brain’ (who doesn’t?) after admitting he was watching Sean and not the scenery.Hardcore’ is fast paced, exciting, and filled with edge-of-seat adventures one after another…FANTASIES VOLUME III has it all, from western settings to princes, kingdoms, and castles; to Seelie and Unseelie; cops, mafia, corporate business types, and historical England. This volume is sure to please and satisfy manlove romance readers all over. So many of my favorite romance scenarios were hit and that is why I Joyfully Recommend FANTASIES VOLUME III.” (Beth Anne)

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