Selah March

Fortune’s Fool

An anthology of paranormal erotic romance featuring Flesh and Bone by Selah March

Available in electronic format and print

Phaze Publishing

ISBN- 798-1-59426-855-7

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Captured by the murderous Dominatrix known as the “Madre” Donnatella DeTagliera, Detective Marcus Colton is about to suffer a slow and agonizing demise. Only English professor and reluctant psychic Leah Benjamin has any hope of finding him in time. But Leah’s history with the Madre puts her in a dangerous position. Can she save Marcus? Or will Leah be caught a second time in the Madre’s web of torture and death?


Excerpt from Flesh and Bone:

“It didn’t work,” he said. His voice was a gritty rasp.

“It’s all right.” Leah stepped forward and tried to catch his eye. Couldn’t let him get too much into his own head, or this would end in disaster. “I thought maybe it would take more than once.”

“More than once?” He sounded more weary than surprised. “Can’t do that again. It’ll kill me.”

“Don’t be so dramatic. I’ll tell you what will kill you, though — the Madre, and she’ll take joy in doing it slowly if she comes back and you’re still…all worked up.”

He shook his head. “And you’re so sure she won’t kill me anyway. Why?”

“I’m not sure. But which way would you rather die, Detective? A quick slash to the throat, or…” She glanced over her shoulder at the glass-fronted cabinet in the corner. She knew what was likely inside. Bladed instruments crafted for flaying skin from muscle. Vises made to crush small extremities. She looked away and shuddered.

“Point taken.”

She nodded. “And if we’re lucky, she’ll only beat you and leave you alive to play with tomorrow. That would buy us some time.”

His smile was wry. “Yeah, that sounds like my kinda luck.” He cleared his throat and shifted his knees on the floor. His cock bobbed with the movement. “I probably should’ve asked you this before, but…even if you could find a paperclip or something, you probably can’t jimmy the locks on these, right?” He shook his wrists in the shackles.

“Sorry, Detective. I’m an English professor, not a cat burglar. I could quote you some Shakespeare, if you’re bored.”

He grinned. “Thought so.”


“Never mind.” He sighed and rolled his shoulders. “All right, let’s get on with it.”

She saw the muscles in his abdomen quiver as she approached. She reached out her hand to touch him, and he said, “Wait.”


He inclined his head, looking every-so-slightly sheepish. “I feel like I should…I dunno…kiss you or something.”

She felt her face open up into a smile — her first since she’d landed in this awful place. “That’s not necessary. This isn’t a date.”

“No, but I’d feel better about it.”

She stepped back again and considered him. “I’m going to say no, Detective. But I’ll tell you what — if and when we get out of this alive, I’ll let you buy me dinner. And if that goes well, I’ll let you kiss me good night.”

“Are you always this tough?”

She thought of Ray Delacroix’s poor, twisted ear and smiled wider. “You have to catch me in the right mood. I’m going to touch you now.”


  • 5 Angels from FALLEN ANGEL REVIEWS: “A darkly disturbing, yet well written novella, Flesh and Bone’ brings the dark side to life. Full of disturbing imagery and debauchery, there is still a wonderful romance and a believable bond between the hero and heroine. I am truly amazed by the fact that a normally unpalatable topic drew me in and kept me enthralled. Very well done Ms. March… as a whole FORTUNE’S FOOL is an amazing anthology that I do suggest you pick up. The theme throughout was Fortune and its many guises, a very well thought out premise in most of these stories. Thank you ladies.” (Serena)
  • 5 Cups from COFFEE TME ROMANCE: “Flesh and Bone’ by Selah March carries the reader into the dark macabre of something so sinister and alarming, one wonders will Leah and Marcus ever escape the madness. Ms. March pens a great tale that pulls the reader into the visualizations and depravity, yet allows passion to stir between Leah and Marcus…FORTUNE’S FOOL is a stirring selection of stories that lend great creativity between four talented authors. Each character has an individualism that stands out and brings a certain aura to the storyline. I found the themes cleverly created and look forward to more pleasant tales from these amazing storytellers.” (Cherokee)

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