Selah March

Wild Horses


Contemporary Western homoerotic (M/M) romance; long novella.

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Amber Allure/Amber Quill Press

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-311-5

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Sequel to the Amber Allure bestseller Seven Year Ache

Two weeks on a ranch under the bright Montana skies can only be good for what ails you, right? Unless what ails you is grief and guilt severe enough to make you attempt suicide. Still, Blake Talbot agrees to accompany his Ivy League frat brothers on a trip out west to to honor the memory of their beloved friend, Charlie. Blake hopes he can find a little peace of mind. Instead, he finds Kris Killborn, who’s the exact opposite of peaceful in every possible way.

Kris has big plans, but at the moment he’s stuck in Montana’s Flathead Valley, spending the summer working as a hired hand on the Lazy C guest ranch while he dreams of making it big in Nashville. He sure as hell has no interest in getting all tangled up with some damaged college boy from back east.

On the surface, Blake and Kris have nothing in common…unless you count a chemistry that’s downright combustible. Yet underneath all that they fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Will they be able to put aside their differences long enough to get a good look at the big picture?

Take one Ivy League frat boy, add a hired hand with attitude, and blend a few hot Montana nights. Dish is done when steam fogs the barn windows.



“I thought maybe I’d let you kiss me.”

Kris tilted his head, plainly considering the offer. “Think that’d make us even?”

“Guess it depends on the kiss.”

Kris laughed a third time — a full on chuckle that felt like chips of dry ice rushing over Blake’s skin. “It’s always the quiet ones.”

“What’s that supposed to–”

“Shut up, college boy.”

Kris kissed like he was trying to suck Blake’s soul out from behind his tonsils. Like the sun that had gone down just over two hours ago was never coming up again. Like it was the final night of the world, and the two of them were the last men standing. With his whole body, and every bit of his mouth — lips, teeth and tongue engaged in a full, tactical advance.

What little sense remained in Blake’s brain sloshed around, firing off random thoughts like “Somebody’s going to see us” and “Damn, if he kisses like this, I bet he fucks like a demon.” But maybe that was what he needed — a hard, merciless, take-no-prisoners fuck to erase the memory of what never happened between him and Charlie because Blake had been too much of a coward, and then it was too late.

Kris gripped the shoulder of his shirt and hauled him closer. “How long are you here for?”

“Two weeks.”

“That’s plenty.”

Blake pulled back and tried to catch Kris’s eye. “For what?”

“Depends. What d’you want?”

“I…don’t know.” He swallowed, suddenly ashamed at how bad he was at this — how plainly green and inexperienced. “What do you want?”

Kris grinned against the side of his neck and sent a whisper down the collar of his shirt that made Blake’s toes curl inside his boots. “I wanna fuck you so long and hard you can’t let out a breath that don’t taste like my name.”


  • 5 Blue Ribbons from ROMANCE JUNKIES: Wild Horses is the follow up to Seven Year Ache. I loved this story because while you still get to visit the beloved characters from Seven Year Ache there are new memorable characters introduced with heartbreaking backgrounds which bring tears to your eyes. Kris struck me as a fun loving singer down on his luck. He doesn’t follow the rules and takes risks that most people would have shied away from. Blake’s grief and loneliness is evident throughout the story. He takes his friend’s death personally and his friends don’t seem to know how to handle him or what he needs. Selah March satisfies our need to know more about what happened with Jamie, Rafe and Lilah and still capture the intensity of the growing love between Kris and Blake. Add in several frat boys who don’t know how to behave themselves and things are bound to get real interesting very quickly.While Wild Horsescan be read as a stand-alone story, I’d recommend reading Seven Year Ache as well so that you’ll have a better understanding of what happened with Jamie, Rafe and Lilah.” (Chrissy Dionne)

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